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Meet The Band

Welcome, to the 12x Experience!  For years bars and clubs been trying to decide, whether it's better to have a DJ, or a band.  12x, is a crossover concept.  A combination of 7 musicians, with tons of experience in cover bands, but also studio musicians, with the ability to create the best mixes.  Take that and add their 5 piece harmonies, and you have a band that really shines!


12x - Your Ultimate Party Rock & Dance Band, is a high energy, in your face, not your everyday cover band, playing Rock, Dance, Top 40, Old Skool Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, 70's, 80's, 90's, and current top of the charts hits.  12x, is booked by The East Coast Omnipop talent group, who represents all of the tri-states best cover bands.  They play in all the top rooms, on Long Island, as well as out of state at other top venues, resorts and casinos.


12x, is a young group, just looking to party it up, and put on a show!! If you haven't seen them play, you're missing out on something special!!


Available to play Clubs/Bar Venues, Private Parties, Block Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, and any other engagements!!

Joe Pisciotta

Joe Pisciotta-   Joe is the lead male singer and entertainer of the band.  RedBull runs through his veins.  There are times throughout the show when Joe is in the air more then he is on the ground.  He entertains all throughout the night with his singing, and rapping skills.  Able to perform every genre of music, he's a show in himself not to be missed!

Molly Stublick

Molly Stublick-  Molly, is 12x's lead Female Vocalist.  Not only can she sing, and rock out, but she can also rap just as well.  Molly, has been performing since the first time she saw Madonna vogue as a toddler. Born and raised on Long Island, she has experience in various styles of dance, theater, film/ t.v, improv comedy, and singing.  She was the winner of her hometown's "Brentwood Idol," but really got her start in the music/entertainment scene performing at local open mic nights with her brother and went on to performing as a back-up vocalist in a local indie/rock band. She graduated from Five Towns College with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and is currently earning a masters in Special Education.  She continues to belt her heart out for a 12X party that will surely keep you rockin and rollin all night long.


Frank Mortillaro

Frank Mortilarro-  Drums.  Frank has tons of experience in the cover band scene, playing in many top notch omnipop bands in the past such as THE ZOO and FOAM.  He brings to the stage the grooviest beats and keeps the kick pumping all night long!


Eric Gubelman

Eric "Erock" Gubelman-  Lead Guitar/Vocals - Every great band needs a great guitarist. Enter Erock! He can rock out with the best of them, and also has the percussive skills, as a great rhythm guitarist. Playing since the age of 5, and taught by his father, who he still plays in a band with, he has a lot of experience in many hard rock, classic rock, blues, and metal bands.

Martin Hettrich

Marty Hettrich-  Lead Guitar/Vocals. Marty is another veteran of the cover scene. His guitar playing is 2nd to none, and his vocals are top notch!! Taking lead in some songs, Marty shows off his talent, and his great ability to wow a crowd. He also backs up on bass, and keys on occasion, making him a priceless asset to any band! He can rock with the best of them!!

mike bass.jpg

Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn-  Bass.  Mike does what every bass player should do, lay down the groove.  In a band that requires the precision of a tight bass player and drummer,  Mike steps in, locks, and loads, and brings the bass!  He lays down the perfect fat rhythms, needed to keep everyone dancing, and rocking all night.

Meet The Band

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